8017 abbreviations
Abbreviation Meaning
BCAP Boulder County AIDS Project
BCAP Building Codes Assistance Project
BCBA Bay County Building Authority
BCBB Beard Community Bulletin Board
BCC Boston Community Cooperative
BCCA Belmont Child Care Association
BCCA Brookline Community Center for the Arts
BCCI Beaverton Citizens for Community Involvement
BCCP Brush Creek Community Partners
BCFLA Bay County Fair Livestock Association
BCIL Boston Center for Independent Living
BCIV Boulder, Colorado, Council for International Visitors
BCIZ Butterfly Conservatory Insect Zoo
BCL Beyond City Limits
BCNA Belmont-Carlton Neighborhood Association
BCP Backward Community Program
BCT Brussels Childbirth Trust
BC-WQPZ Barton Creek Water Quality Protection Zone
BCYA Bel Colony Youth Association
BD Birth Day
bd. board
BDCC Bermuda Dunes Country Club
BDDA Bennettsville Downtown Development Association
BDO Big Day Out
BDP Bayanihan Development Project
BE Blessed Event
BEACH Blackburn East Area Community Help
Beantown Boston
BEAR Be Enthusiastic And Ready
BEAST Binghams Environmentally Active Solution for Toys
BEAT Barnsley Estates Action Team
BEE Better Environment for Everyone
BEE Black Economic Empowerment
BEE Black Elite Enrichment
beg. beginning
BEGIN Begin Employment Gain Independence Now
BELL Building Enterprise For Learning And Living
BEN Bentley Educational Network
BEN Black Employee Network
BENA Breckenridge Estates Homeowners Association
Bert Albert
Bert Gilbert
Bert Rembert
BEST Barleycorns Enthusiastically Supports Teachers
BEST Being Empowered And Safe Together
Beth Elizabeth
BF Bellagio Fountain
BF Bowers Family
BF Buddy Friend
BFE Base Flood Elevation