8017 abbreviations
Abbreviation Meaning
AARP Association of Aged and Respectable People
AASG African American Staff Group
AAUC African American Unity Center
AAWC All Afghan Women's Council
AAWO Asian American Women's Organization
AB Associated Board
AB&E Arts, Beats, and Eats festival
ABADS American Brugmansia And Datura Society
ABC A Batavus Commuter
ABC Accountability Baseball And Community
ABC Action For Better Cities
ABC Actions Benefit Children
ABC Addressing Behabiors of Concern
ABC Adults, Babies, And Children
ABC Alcohol, Beer, Cigarettes
ABC Alexander Berkman Collective
ABC All Bout Children
ABC American Born Chinese
ABC Answers Books And Coffee
ABC Arts, Business, and Community
ABCC Association of British Chambers of Commerce
ABCC Australian British Chamber of Commerce
ABCD Achieving Better Community Development
ABCD Asset Based Community Development
ABCDE Access to Baby and Child Dentistry Expanded
ABD American Board of Dermatology
abd. artists board
ABDC America's Best Dance Crew
ABE A Better Environment
Abe Abraham
ABFS Azerbaijan Bulgaria Friendship Society
ABLE Able Bodies Laboring Everywhere
ABO Anything But Ordinary
ABOW A Band Of Wives
ABP After Bar Party
AC Animal Crossing
ACA Australian Clan Alliance
ACAC Atlanta Community Access Coalition
ACAP Aboriginal Cultural Awareness Program
ACAS Asian Community Aids Services
ACC Air Canada Centre
ACCA Albany Citizens Council on Alcoholism
ACCESS Accessible Community Care Emergency Support Service
ACCESS Accomodating Community Centered Employment For Success And Sustainment
ACCESS Advanced Communications for Cumbria and Enabling Sustainable Services
ACCESS Arab Community Center For Economic And Social Services
ACCPA Acorn Child Care Providers For Action
ACCPA Alberta Community Crime Prevention Association
ACCPA Arkansas Child Care Providers Association
ACCT Association of Community Councils Together