8017 abbreviations
Abbreviation Meaning
AME African Methodist Episcopal
AMMA '?amma' without the capital 'M':
AMP Activity Motivation Program
AMS Arts, Media, and Sports
ANA Ask Need Able
ANAF Angels Now And Forever
ANC Advisory Neighborhood Commission
ANCD Association of Nigerians in the Capital District
ANCE Association of Networks for Community Empowerment
ANCG Armenian National Committee of Glendale
ANCHOR Alliance for Neighborhood Commerce and Home Ownership Revitalization
ANCHOR Alliance For Neighborhood Commerce Home Ownership And Revitalization
ANCN Armenian National Committee of Nevada
ANCR Arizona Network for Community Responsibility
ANP Awami National Party
ANTS Anti Nicotine And Tobacco Service
AO All Outdoors
AO Antiquites Orientales
AOC Agents Of Change
AODA Alcohol and Other Drug Addictions
AOE Age Of Emperors
AOI Ancestry Online Image
AOIFE Association Of Irish Festival Events
AOPC Arkansas Outdoor Photographers Club
AOSP Airport and Open Space Plan
AP Albert Park
AP Apprehensive and Paternalistic
AP Asian Pride
AP Astute People
AP Attachment Parenting
APAG Arno's Park Action Group
APAKCHI Someone from Pakistan Karachi
APC Activity Program Council
APC Adult Primary Care
APD Annual Pasta Dinner
APDT Association of Pet Dog Trainers
APE American Puritan Ethic
APES Access Parking Environment And Security
APGAR Adaptation, Partnership, Growth, Affection, and Resolve
APHB Andhra Pradesh Housing Board
APL Average Party Level
APN Assessors Parcel Number
APPA Appreciative Participatory Planning Action
APPL AIDS Prevention and Positive Living
APPLE A Positive Personal Learning Experience
APPLE AIDS Prevention Plus Life Education
APPLE Alternative Parent Participation Learning Experience
APRC Area Prevention Resource Center
APT Adolescent Portable Therapy
APT Alzheimer's Prevention Initiative