8017 abbreviations
Abbreviation Meaning
ASWR Autism Services Waterloo Region
ATB Ability Tone Black
ATC Another Traveling Circus
ATF After The Fire
ATK Amazing Teen Kingdom
ATM Access To Tree Of Money
ATP Action Team for Partnership
ATP Adult Treatment Panel
ATP Alcohol Treatment Program
ATS Alternative To Smoking
ATT Alt Toys Transformers
ATV Another Terrific Vacation
ATV Apathy Toward Volunteering
ATVH Appleton Thorn Village Hall
AUB Alstublieft
AUBP Azerbaijani Union Blind People
AUD Alcohol Use Disorder
AUDC Atlanta Urban Design Commission
AUDMP Asian Urban Disaster Mitigation Program
AUW Applied Underwriters
AV Apple Village
AV Arroyo Vista
AV AVenue
AVEPA Aubrey Valley Experimental Population Area
AVMS Allston Village Main Streets
AVP Alternatives to Violence Project
AVP Anti-Violence Project
AVPP Armed Violence Prevention Programme
AWAFE Always and Forever
AWB Award Winning Baby
AWC At What Cost
AWCP Anti War Committee Pakistan
AWHA Apelo Women Health Association
AWIC Arctic Women In Crisis
AWOL Able Women Of Leisure
AWOL Acting Workshop On Line
AWOL Alternate Way Of Life
AYA Adolescent To Young Adult
AYA American Yankee Association
AYR Alternative Youth Restoration
AYR Auburn Youth Resources
AYW As You Wish
B Burning
b. birth
b. born
BA Bad Angst
BA bare-assed
BA Bridging America
BAAB Black Affairs Advisory Board
BABA Bay Area Bangladesh Association