8017 abbreviations
Abbreviation Meaning
BABY Best Available Baby Yet
BAC Bay Area Council
BAC Business Achievement Club
BACI Burnaby Association For Community Inclusion
BACON Bampton Area Community Organisation Network
BAG Bereavement Assistance Group
BAH Businesses Against Hate
BAKA Bay Area Killifish Association
BAL Before Assisted Living
BAM Building A Movement
BANA Build A New America
BANG Boston [Massachusetts] Area Nudist Group
BAP Body Art Project
bapt. baptized
BARC Bay Area Restoration Council
BARC Better Akron Recreation for Canines
BARF Bay Area Riders Forum
BARK Be Aware, Responsible, And Kind
Barry Bartholomew
BARS Behaviourally-Anchored Rating Scale
BARS Boston Activists For Revolutionary Schooling
BASH Buntingford Action For Social Help
BASIS Basic Agricultural And Social Improvement Scheme
BAT Breaks for All Taxpayers
BATS Bring A Thing Sing
BAVF Bay Area Vegetarian Fair
BAY Bukit Arang Youths
BB Baby Boom
BB Blunt Bloke
BB Bob's Birthday
BBA bollicky-bare-assed [nude]
BBB Beach, Beer, Blondes
BBB Bender Baby Brunch
BBB Big Black Brother
BBB Busy Being Better
B-BBEE Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment
BBBEE Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment
BBC B'nai Brith Canada
BBC British Born Chinese
BBEC British Born Eurasian Chinese
BBK Basketball Baseball Kickball
BBLDC Black Bear Lake Day Camp
BBP Boston Beer Party
BBQA Barbeque America cookout
BBQC Bar-B-Que Contest
BBQC Brown Bear Quick Cruise
BC Bachelors Club
BC Birth Certificate
BCA Banking Community Assets
BCA Broadway Center Of Arts