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AACTS: Meaning Category
AACTS Aging & Adult Client Tracking System Community abbreviations
AACTS Automated Accelerated Characterization Test Station Electronics abbreviations
AACTS APS Automated Client Tracking System computing abbreviations and acronyms
AACTS Alpena Air Combat Training System Military abbreviations
AACTS Automated All-weather Cargo Transfer System Military abbreviations
AACTS Adolescents and Adults Choosing True Solutions Non-Profit Organizations
AACTS Arthur Andersen Corporate Tax Software software abbreviations and acronyms
AACTS Automatic Analog Circuit Test Strategist software abbreviations and acronyms
AACTS Academic Affairs Committee for Transfer Students University abbreviations

Abbreviations similar to aacts

  • AG (TAG) - Adjutant General, (The)
  • ACDC - Army Central Defence Committee
  • AGDC - Australian Game Developers' Conference
  • AGTS - Advanced Gunnery Training System
  • ASD(C3I) - (U.S.) (Command, Control, Communications, & Intelligence)
  • ASD(ISA) - (U.S.) Assistant Secretary of Defense (International Security Affairs)
  • ASD(ISP) - (U.S.) Assistant Secretary of Defense (International Security Policy)
  • ASD(SO&HA) - (U.S.) Assistant Secretary of Defense (Special Operations & Humanitarian Assistance)
  • ASD(SO/LIC) - (U.S.) (Special Operations & Low-Intensity Conflict)
  • ASD(S&R) - (U.S.) Assistant Secretary of Defense (Strategy & Requirements)
  • ASD(S&TR) - (U.S.) Assistant Secretary of Defense (Strategy & Threat Reduction)
  • ASDIC - Allied Submarine Detection Investigation Committee (Sonar)
  • ASDs - Autism spectrum disorders
  • ACDS - Apprenticeship For Child Development Specialist
  • ACTS - A Community Tutoring Successfully