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AAF: Meaning Category
AAF Apalachicola Municipal Airport [Apalachicola, Florida, United States] IATA Airport Code
AAF Anti-Aliasing Filter Electronics abbreviations
AAF Advanced Authoring Format computing abbreviations and acronyms
AAF American Advertising Federation media abbreviations and acronyms
AAF Army Air Force Military abbreviations
AAF Army AirField Military abbreviations
AAF Auxiliary AirField Military abbreviations
AAF Actual Art Foundation Non-Profit Organizations
AAF American Architectural Foundation Non-Profit Organizations
AAF Arizona Aerospace Foundation Non-Profit Organizations

Abbreviations similar to aaf

  • ABI - Application Binary Interface
  • API - Application Program Interface
  • AVI - Audio Video Interleave
  • A/P - Autopilot
  • AOP - Airport Operating Plan
  • APU - Auxiliary Power Unit
  • AAHP - American Association of Health Plans
  • AF - Atrial fibrillation
  • AAAV - Advanced Amphibious Assault Vehicle
  • AAV - Amphibious assault vehicle
  • AB - Air Burst
  • AEF - Allied expeditionary force
  • AEV - Armoured engineer vehicle
  • AFV - Armored Family of Vehicles (US)
  • AIF - Australian Imperial Force (Australia, WWI)
  • AIFV - Armoured infantry fighting vehicle
  • AP - Anti-personnel