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AAM air-to-air missile Acronym
AAM Mala Mala Airport [Mala Mala, South Africa] IATA Airport Code
AAM Army Aviation Magazine media abbreviations and acronyms
AAM Adopt A Minefield Military abbreviations
AAM Air To Air Missile Military abbreviations
AAM Air-To-Air Missile Military abbreviations
AAM Amphibious Assault Model Military abbreviations
AAM Anti Aircraft Missle Military abbreviations
AAM Army Achievement Medal Military abbreviations

Abbreviations similar to aam

  • AAAM - Association for Advancement of Automotive Medicine
  • AAEM - Annals Of Agricultural And Environmental Medicine
  • AAEN - African American Entertainment Network
  • AAHAM - American Association of Healthcare Administrative Management
  • AAIM - Asian American Independent Media
  • AAIN - American Academy of Industrial Nurses
  • AAMA - Alberta Association For Media Awareness
  • AAME - Albanian Association in the Middle East
  • AAMH - Annual Maintenance Manhours
  • AAMI - African American Male Initiative
  • AAMMM - Anti- (Anti-Missile Missile) Missile
  • AAN - Army after next
  • AANMA - Allergy and Asthma Network Mothers of Asthmatics
  • AANO - Albanian-American National Organization
  • AAOM - Association of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine
  • AEEN - African Economic Editors Network
  • AEM - Analytical Electron Microscopy
  • AEMEA - Asle Enger Military Ethics Award
  • AEN - All Element Number
  • AENA - All England Netball Association