Found 20 abbreviations in 2 groups
AoA: Meaning Category
AoA Analysis of Alternatives Military abbreviations
AOA: Meaning Category
AOA American Optometric Association Medical-organisations
AOA Australian Orthopaedic Association Medical-organisations
AOA American Osteopathic Association Medical-organisations
AOA Aroa Airport [Aroa, Papua New Guinea] IATA Airport Code
AOA angle of attack aerospace
AOA Anhydrous Oripavine Alkaloid Chemistry abbreviations
AOA Abbreviated Operational Assessment Military abbreviations
AOA Abort Once Around Military abbreviations
AOA Add- On Armor Military abbreviations
AOA Amphibious Objective Area Military abbreviations
AOA Angle Of Arrival Military abbreviations
AOA Attack On Acquisition Military abbreviations
AOA Alaska Optometric Association Non-Profit Organizations
AOA Auxiliary Organizations Association Non-Profit Organizations
AOA Age Of Apocalypse sports abbreviations
AOA Alberta Orienteering Association sports abbreviations
AOA Air Officer in charge of Administration Acronym
AOA Angolan kwanza (ISO 4217 currency code) Acronym
AOA Argonne National Laboratory Acronym
AOA Award Of Arms (heraldry) Acronym

Abbreviations similar to aoa

  • AHA - American Hospital Association … or American Heart Association
  • AI - Aortic insufficiency
  • AA - anti-aircraft
  • AAA - anti-aircraft artillery "Triple A"
  • AE - action express
  • Ah - Ampere hour
  • AO - Area of operations
  • AOI - Arab Organisation for Industrialisation
  • AWE - Advanced Warfighting Experiment
  • AEW - Air Expeditionary Wing
  • AU - Air University
  • AW - Airlift Wing
  • AAW - Anti-Air warfare
  • AOW - Auxilliaryman of the Watch
  • AAO - American Academy of Ophthalmology