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ASF: Meaning Category
ASF Advanced Systems Format Open Standards
ASF Narimanovo Airport [Astrakhan, Russia] IATA Airport Code
ASF A Step Forward Community abbreviations
ASF Advanced Systems Format (formerly Advanced Streaming Format) media abbreviations and acronyms
ASF Additional Selection Factor Military abbreviations
ASF Aeromedical Staging Facility Military abbreviations
ASF Air Superiority Fighter Military abbreviations
ASF Airborne Special Forces Military abbreviations
ASF Allied Snipers Forum Military abbreviations
ASF American Special Forces Military abbreviations
ASF Army Stock Fund Military abbreviations
ASF Army Support Facility Military abbreviations
ASF Auxiliary Security Force Military abbreviations
ASF Acceleration Studies Foundation Non-Profit Organizations
ASF Agronomic Science Foundation Non-Profit Organizations
ASF American Schizophrenia Foundation Non-Profit Organizations
ASF Apache Software Foundation Non-Profit Organizations
ASF Alert Standard Format software abbreviations and acronyms
ASF Alternating Sequential Filter software abbreviations and acronyms
ASF Arctan Script File software abbreviations and acronyms
ASF Ausaid Scholars Foundation University abbreviations

Abbreviations similar to asf

  • 2A5CB - 2 Amino 5 Chloro Benzophenone
  • AAAASF - Army Aviation Association of America Scholarship Foundation
  • AAAASFI - Army Aviation Association of America Scholarship Foundation, Inc.
  • AACF - Arab American Community Forum
  • AACOB - Army Automation Command Operating Budget
  • AACP - American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy
  • AACSB - Association To Advance Collegiate Schools Of Business
  • AACV - Armored Aircraft Carrying Vehicle
  • AAGP - Apartment Association of Greater Philadelphia
  • AAKP - American Association of Kidney Patients
  • AAKPI - American Association of Kidney Patients, Inc.
  • AASCB - American Association Of State Counseling Boards
  • AASF - Advanced Air Striking Force
  • AASHF - African American Self- Help Foundation
  • AASP - Adopt A Student Project
  • AAUC-F - Alumni Associations of the University of California - Fresno
  • AC2F - Automated Command and Control Facility
  • AC2P - Advanced Command and Control Program
  • ACAB - Air Cavalry Attack Brigade
  • ACAF - Asian Canadian Artists Fund