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DNS: Meaning Category
DNS Domain Name Service Open Standards
DNS Domain Name System Acronym
DNS Denison Municipal Airport [Denison, Iowa, United States] IATA Airport Code
DNS (celestial object) Double Neutron Star, another name for a binary neutron star system. [Caution: Do not confuse with DNS relating to DENIS - Deep Near Infrared Survey]. astronomy
DNS DiNitroSalicylic Acid Chemistry abbreviations
DNS Direct Numerical Simulation Electronics abbreviations
DNS Digital Nervous System computing abbreviations and acronyms
DNS Directorate of National Security Military abbreviations
DNS Don't kNow Squat Military abbreviations
DNS Driver Night Sight Military abbreviations
DNS Did Not Start sports abbreviations
DNS Do Not Surf sports abbreviations

Abbreviations similar to dns

  • DAMES - Defense Automatic Addressing System (DAAS) Automated Message Exchange System
  • DAMIS - Drug and Alcohol Management Information System
  • DAMMS - Department of the Army Movement Management System
  • DAMS - Dental Amalgam Mercury Syndrome
  • DANK - Deutsch Amerikanischer National Kongress
  • DDMS - Defect Data Management System
  • De max - MAXimum Drift Error
  • DEMNS - Distribution Explosive Mine Neutralization System
  • DEMS - Digital Electronic Messaging Service
  • DEMUX - DE-MUltipleXer
  • DENC - Dual-digital ENCoder ststem
  • DENIS - (observing program/catalog) DEep Near Infrared Survey
  • DHMS - Dense Hydrous Magnesium Silicate
  • DIMACS - Center for Discrete Mathematics & Theoretical Computer Science
  • DIMC - Dow International Medical College
  • DIMOC - Defense Imagery Management Operations Center
  • DINK - Double Income, No Kids
  • DINKY - Double Income, No Kids Yet
  • DMAAC - Defense Mapping Agency Aerospace Center
  • DMAC - Downtown Media Arts Center