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FOSS Free/Open Source Software Open Standards
FOSS Free and Open Source Software computing
FOSS Friends Of Shaldon School Educational abbreviations
FOSS Field Operational Support System Military abbreviations
FOSS Free And Open Source Software software abbreviations and acronyms
FOSS Free Open Source Software software abbreviations and acronyms
FOSS Full Option Science System University abbreviations

Abbreviations similar to foss

  • 147FAHS - 147th Field Artillery Historical Society
  • 2FG - Two-point field goal. Used in Euroleague Basketball box scores, but not generally in North America.
  • 339FSA - 339th Fighter Squadron Association
  • 352FGA - 352nd Fighter Group Association
  • 356FGA - 356th Fighter Group Association
  • 361FGA - 361th Fighter Group Association
  • 365FGA - 365th Fighter Group Association
  • 367FGA - 367th Fighter Group Association
  • 3FG - Three-point field goal. Euroleague uses "3FG", while the NBA uses "3P"; North American media outlets, such as ESPN, generally (but not always) follow NBA practice.
  • 474FGA - 474th Fighter Group Association World War II
  • 475FGHA - 475th Fighter Group Historical Foundation
  • 520FSA - 510th Fighter Squadron Association
  • 527FBSA - 527th Fighter-Bomber Squadron Association
  • 59FSA - 59th Fighter Squadron Association
  • 79FGA - 79th Fighter Group Association
  • 86FBGA - 86th Fighter-Bomber Group Association
  • FAAQ - Frequently Asked and Anticipated Questions (cf. FAQ)
  • FAAS - Federation Of American Aquarium Societies
  • FAC - Forward Air Control(er)
  • FAC-A - Forward Air Control(er)-Airborne