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HL: Meaning Category
HL Holding Line Acronym
HL Hook Load oil&gas
HL Height loss aerospace
HL Half Life Chemistry abbreviations
HL Heavy Liquid Chemistry abbreviations
HL Heilmann and Lieb (non-crossing rule) Chemistry abbreviations
HL Higher Level Educational abbreviations
HL Hashed List computing abbreviations and acronyms
HL Horse Life media abbreviations and acronyms
HL Head Linesman sports abbreviations
HL High Level sports abbreviations
HL Hall of Languages University abbreviations
HL Happiness Level University abbreviations
hL: Meaning Category
hL Hectolitre Acronym

Abbreviations similar to hl

  • HALO - High Altitude Low Opening, High Activity/Low Observable
  • HEL - High-Energy Laser (US)
  • HELO - Helicopter
  • HAL - Hardware Abstraction Layer
  • HLA - High Level Architecture (simulation)||Human Leukocyte Antigen
  • HLL - High-Level Language
  • HLO - Heavy Load-out (Facility)
  • HLH - Ulanhot Airport
  • HIL - Shilabo Airport
  • HUL - Houlton International Airport
  • HLI - Hollister Municipal Airport (FAA: CVH)
  • HYL - Hollis Seaplane Base
  • HLW - Hluhluwe Airport