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HLC: Meaning Category
HLC Hill City Municipal Airport [Hill City, Kansas, United States] IATA Airport Code
HLC Hibberdene Lions Club Community abbreviations
HLC Houghton Lake Community Community abbreviations
HLC Heritage Learning Center Educational abbreviations
HLC High Limit Control Electronics abbreviations
HLC High Level Clearance Military abbreviations
HLC Heritage Land Conservation Non-Profit Organizations
HLC Horned Lizard Conservation Non-Profit Organizations
HLC Half-life Logo Creator software abbreviations and acronyms
HLC Honors Living Community University abbreviations

Abbreviations similar to hlc

  • HLOS - High Level Output Specification
  • HLS - hoc loco situs (Latin, "laid in this place")
  • HLG - Wheeling Ohio County Airport
  • HLZ - Hamilton International Airport
  • HALCA - (telescope) Highly Advanced Laboratory for Communications and Astronomy, a satellite that is part of the VLBI Space Observatory Program, a Japanese radio astronomy project
  • HLCS - HoLoCarboxylase Synthetase
  • HLCA - Highland Lakes Condominium Association
  • HLCE - Houghton Lake Community Education
  • HLCU - Heterodyne Local Control Unit
  • HOLZ - Higher-Order Laue Zone
  • HLCJ - History of the Lewis and Clark Journals by Paul Cutright
  • HALS - Helicopter Automatic Landing System
  • HILEX - HIgh-Level Exercise