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SOP: Meaning Category
SOP Standing/Standard Operational Procedure(s) military
SOP Standard Operating Procedure Airforce
SOP Standing/Standard Operating Procedure Acronym
SOP State of Play Acronym
SOP Moore County Airport [Pinehurst / Southern Pines, North Carolina, United States] IATA Airport Code
SOP standard operating procedure aerospace
SOP Sisters Of Pedagogy Educational abbreviations
SOP State-Operated Program Educational abbreviations
SOP Small Outline Package Electronics abbreviations
SOP Source Of Power Electronics abbreviations
SOP Systems Operation Plan Electronics abbreviations
SOP Shared Object Parser computing abbreviations and acronyms
SOP Senior Officer Present Military abbreviations
SOP Soldiers On Parade Military abbreviations
SOP standard operating procedures Military abbreviations
SOP Sunday Official Party Military abbreviations
SOP Seeds Of Peace Non-Profit Organizations
SOP Service Of Process software abbreviations and acronyms
SOP Service-Oriented Programming software abbreviations and acronyms
SOP School Of Pharmacy University abbreviations

Abbreviations similar to sop

  • SOAP - Simple Object Access Protocol
  • SCHIP - State Children¡¦s Health Insurance Program
  • SOB - Short of breath
  • SAF - Small Arms Fire
  • SAP - Semi-Armour-Piercing
  • SAPHEI - Semi-Armour-Piercing High Explosive Incendiary
  • SAPI - semi-armour-piercing incendiary
  • SAVA - Standard Army Vectronics Architecture
  • SB - Short Barrel
  • SEP - Soldier Enhancement Programme
  • SFW - Special Forces Weapon
  • shp - shaft horsepower
  • SIP - System Improvement Plan/Programme
  • SJHP - Semi-Jacketed Hollow Point
  • SOF - Special Operations Force(s)
  • SP - Shore Patrol
  • SPAW - self-propelled artillery weapon
  • SPH - self-propelled howitzer