435 abbreviations
Abbreviation Meaning
AAHAM American Association of Healthcare Administrative Management
AAHP American Association of Health Plans
AAPCC Average Adjusted Per Capita Cost
AARP American Association of Retired Persons
Abd. Abdominal
ABN Advance beneficiary notice
ACA Affordable Care Act
ACHE American College of Healthcare Executives
ACIP Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices
ACLS Advanced cardiac life support
ACR Adjusted community rating
ACS American Cancer Society … also American College of Surgeons
ACU Ambulatory care unit
ADA Americans with Disabilities Act … also American Diabetes Association
ADC Average daily census
ADPER Acute disease prevention and emergency response
ADS Alternative delivery system
AED Automated external defibrillator
AF Atrial fibrillation
AG Attorney General
AGPA American Group Practice Association
AHA American Hospital Association … or American Heart Association
AHRQ Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality
AI Aortic insufficiency
AIDS Acquired immune deficiency syndrome
AIIR Airborne infection isolation room
ALJ Administrative law judge
ALOS Average length of stay
ALS Advanced life support
AMA Against medical advice
AMA American Medical Association
AMCRA American Medical Care and Review Association
ANA American Nurses Association
ANP Advanced nurse practitioner
AONE American Organization of Nurse Executives
APC Ambulatory Payment Classification
APG Ambulatory patient group
APHL Association of Public Health Laboratories
APR-DRG All payer refined diagnostic related group
ARC American Red Cross
ART Accredited record technician
AS Aortic stenosis
ASC Ambulatory surgery center
ASO Administrative services only contract
ATLS Advanced trauma life support
BBA Balanced Budget Act of 1997
BBRA Balanced Budget Relief Act of 1999
BCAA Blue Cross Association of America
BCBSI Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Iowa now known as Wellmark Blue Cross Blue Shield of Iowa
BCLS Basic cardiac life support