5973 abbreviations
Abbreviation Meaning
BDE Bureau Des Eleves
BDP Best Dramatic Presentation
BE Business Edition
BEA Broadcast Education Association
BEAB British Electrotechnical Approvals Board
BEAR Brilliant Expert At Rhyming
BEARS Brown Electronic Article Review Service
BEAT the smallest unit of dramatic action (drama)
BED Blue Eyes Duelists
BED sound bed [ambiance] (sound production)
BEEAB British Electrical and Electronic Approvals Board
BEF Before
BEF Business Education Forum
BEMA Business Equipment Manufacturers Association
BEN Black Entertainment Network
BET Black Entertainment Television network
BET Blond European Television
BETA Broadcasting and Entertainment Trades Alliance
BF Bound Form
BFA Blisstett Family Album
BFBS British Forces Broadcasting Service
BFD Back From the Dead
BFF Baltimore Forty Five
BFFC Boba Fett Fan Club
BFG Big Friendly Giant
BFMA Broadcast Financial Management Association [US]
BFTPA British Film and Television Producers Association
BGM Back Ground Music
BGT Baldurs Gate Trilogy
BGT Baldurs Gate Triology
BGT Britain's Got Talent
BHE A Brief History of Everything
BHG Better Homes and Gardens (magazine)
BHNCF Bright House Networks Central Florida
BI Bitter Irony
BIAC Broadcast Interassociation Council
BIB Board for International Broadcasting
BICIAP Broadcasting Industry Council to Improve American Productivity
BIFA British Industrial Film Association
BISFA British Industrial and Scientific Film Association
BITE Beginning Is The End
BITS Broadcast Information Technology Services
BIW Book In A Week
BJ Barbara Johnston, author
BJE Bad Joke Ending
BK Blaw/ Knox freestanding tower
BKS British Kinematograph Society
BKSTS British Kinematograph Sound and Television Society [UK]
BL Boy's Life
BL Boys Life