5973 abbreviations
Abbreviation Meaning
YL Young Lady
YLE Oy Yleisradio ( Finnish state broadcaster)
YLS Yearbook of Langland Studies
YLT Youngs Literal Translation of the Bible
YM Your Magazine
YMCA Your Man Can't Act!
YMI Youth Media International
YMMG Young Mogul Media Group
YMMM Yale Mobile Media Mix
YMP Yellow Moon Press
YMTC You Make The Call
YN Your Newsletter
YNC York Newspaper Company, Inc.
YNM Yaaradi Nee Mohini
YNN Yavsoft News Network
YNN Youth News Network
YOLT You Only Live Twice
YP Yale Practice
YPB Yellow Pages Bibliography
YPC Yankee PermaCulture publications
YPMN Young People's Media Network
YPP Young People's Press
YPP Young Playwrights Publishing
YPQ Yale Political Quarterly
YPR Yellowstone Public Radio
YRF Yash Raj Films
YT Yorkshire Tail
YT YouTube
YTN Your Technology Newsletter
YTV Yorkshire Television
YTV Youth TeleVision Network
YUKA Young United Kingdom Authors
YUP Yale University Press
YVW Yellowstone Valley Woman Magazine
YWA Young Writers Association
YWN Young Writer Network
YWR Youth Worship Radio
YWT Your World Today - CNN News
YWW Youth Workers Workshop
Z Zappers
ZAMBIES Zombie Assassins and Multiplayer Beasts of the Indispensable Elite Squad
ZAPP Zine Archives Publishing Project
ZBC Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation
ZDF Zweites Deutsches Fernsehen
ZDF Zweites Deutsches Rundfunk ( Second German Television network)
ZDM Zentralblatt für Didaktik der Mathematik ( International Reviews on Mathematical Education)
ZDM Ziff Davis Media, Inc.
ZDMI Ziff Davis Media, Inc.
ZEE Zebra Entertainment Enterprise