5973 abbreviations
Abbreviation Meaning
AMPAS Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences
AMPTP Alliance of Motion Picture and Television Producers
AMS Alternative Movie Society
AMS American Meteorological Society
AMV Amateur Music Video
AMV Animated Music Video
AMW America's Most Wanted
ANA Athens News Agency
ANAS Alabama Newspaper Advertising Service
ANB Arabic News Broadcast
ANCI Associazione Nazionale Comuni Italiani
ANCL Associated Newspapers of Ceylon, LTD.
AND Around Night and Day
ANG American Newspaper Guild
ANI Asia News International
ANNCMNT Announcement
ANON Anonymous
ANPA American Newspaper Publishers Association
ANSA Agenzia Nazionale Stampa Associata
ANTIOPE Acquisition Numérique et Télévisualisation d'Images Organisées en Page d'Ecriture ( teletext
AOC Amateurs On Camera
AOD Angel Of Darkness
AOD Art Of Defence
AOD Audio On Demand
AOL Another One Loves
AOL Audio Over Lan
AOP Advance Online Publication
AOR Adult Orientated Rock
AOR Adult Oriented Rock
AOR Album Oriented Rock
AOTL All On The Line
AOTS Attack Of The Show
AOTW Art of the West
AP American Pie
AP Anonymous Photographer
AP Artist Proof
AP Associated Press
APA Amateur Press Association
APBI Associated Press Broadcasters, Inc.
APBNN Associated Press Broadcast News Handbook
APC Association for Progressive Communications
APD Assistant Program Director
APE Animal Projects Editor
APG Advanced Program Guide
APHC A Prairie Home Companion (Radio Program)
API Article Periodocal Incollection
APIC Awareness, Publishing, Information, and Communication
APNS All Pakistan Newspapers Society
APP Absolute Power Productions
APP Appendix