5973 abbreviations
Abbreviation Meaning
APP Associated Press of Pakistan
APPX Appendix
APR Always Playing Roots
APRS Association of Professional Recording Services
APS Advanced Photo System
APS All Programs and Sounds
APT Angry Politician Television
APTK Assosiasi Pengusaha Televisi Kabel
APTS Association of Public Television Stations
AQ As Quoted
AQ Automated Quotations
AQR Alaska Quarterly Review
ARAB Arabian
ARC Advanced Readers Copy
ARC Art Response And Copy
ARD Arbeitsgemeinschaft der Öffentlichrechtlichen Rundfunk anstalten der Bundesrepublik Deutschland
ARDP Agence Réunionnaise de Distribution de la Presse
ARF Advertising Research Foundation
ARIA Automated Response Interactive Audio
ARMS All Radio Methodology Study
ARRL American Radio Relay League
ARS Audience Response System
ART American Repertory Theatre
ART Arab Radio and Television
ARTS Artscene Radio Talk Show
ARU Acoustical Resistance Unit
ARWA Alberta Romance Writers Association
ASAP Act Swiftly Awesome Pachyderm (Horton Hears A Who Movie)
ASAP After Some Action Pause
ASAP As Soon As Publishable
ASAS Another Side, Another Story
ASB Alexander, Sharpe, and Bailey Fundamentals of Investing
ASBO Also Seen in Blue and Orange
ASC American Satellite Company
ASC American Society of Cinematographers
ASCE Association of Sound and Communication Engineers
ASF Advanced Systems Format (formerly Advanced Streaming Format)
ASFF Aesthetica Short Film Festival
ASFF Arnold Sports Film Festival
ASH A Secret History
ASH Ash A Secret History
ASHES Another Sad Horrific English Series
ASHP American Social History Project
ASI Artistic Skin Illustrations
ASIFA Association Internationale du Film d'Animation
ASMP American Society of Media Photographers
ASNE American Society of Newspaper Editors
ASR American Sociological Review
AST A Short Tale