5973 abbreviations
Abbreviation Meaning
ASW American Skating World
AT&T American Telephone and Telegraph Company
ATA Albanian Telegraphic Agency
ATA Also Translated As
ATC American TV and Communications
ATF All Things Forgotten
ATF All Time Favorite
ATHF Aqua Teen Hunger Force
ATM Aakash Times Magazine
ATO Are They On?
ATSC Advanced Television Systems Committee
ATT Alabama Technology Today
ATT Attachment
ATTK A Time to Kill
ATU Automated Transmission Unit
ATV Another Twangy Voiceover
ATV Associated TeleVision
ATZ ADVO Targeting Zone
AU Annotation Unit
AuBC Australian Broadcasting Corporation
AuBD Aurelia Bold font type
AUBK Audio Book
AUI Australian Upward Inflection
AUV Anti-Unity Value
AV Amateur Video
AV Aperture Value
AV Audio Visual
AV Authorized Version
AVA Amateur Voice Actor
AVA Anderson Valley Advertiser
AVA Audio Visual Association
AVAMA Audio Visual and Allied Manufacturers Association
AVC Automatic Volume Control
AVD Association of Video Dealers
AVE Algebraic Video Environment
AVID Audio Visual Investigations Of Democracy
AVP Aliens Versus Predator
AVPA Australian Video Producers Association
AVPM A Very Potter Musical
AVPS A Very Potter Sequel
AVR Annapolis Valley Radio
AWD Age Without Doom
AWL A Wonderful Life
AWN Animation World Network
AWOL A Work Of Love
AWP Angst Without Plot
AWR Adventist World Radio
AWRT American Women in Radio and Television
AWST Aviation Week & Space Technology
B Biotechnews