9333 abbreviations
Abbreviation Meaning
15 rugby team
1B First base
1B First basemen
1B Single
1NT Bridge bid to take 7 tricks, No Trump
2B Double
2B Second base
2B Second basemen
2NT Bridge bid to take 8 tricks, No Trump
3B Third base
3B Third basemen
3B Triple
3NT Bridge bid to take 9 tricks, No Trump
4NT Bridge bid to take 10 tricks, No Trump
4WW Four Winds Wrestling
5NT Bridge bid to take 11 tricks, No Trump
6NT Bridge bid to take 12 tricks, No Trump
7NT Bridge bid to take 13 tricks, No Trump
AA All Around
AA Ancient Anguish
AA Average Attendance
AAA Anglers of All Abilities
AAA Australian Anglers Association
AAA Average Amateur Attempt
AAAA Athleticism Attitude Academics And Adversity
AAABA American Amateur Athletic Baseball Association
AAAD Alamo Area Aquatics Diving
AAB Adjusted At Bats
AAB All Amateur Basketball
AABC American Amateur Baseball Congress
AABF Athletic Association of Black Forest
AAC Another Asteroids Clone
AAC Athletes Advisory Council
AAFI Amateur Athletic Federation of India
AAGP Approved Adoption Group Program
AAHA Appleton Area Hockey Association
AAIP Anglers Advantage Insurance Program
AAIS All American Indoor Sports
AAMYC Ann Arbor Model Yacht Club
AAR Able And Ready
AAR After Action Rub
AAR All American Racers
AAR All American Racing
AARC American Association of Running Clubs
AARC Ann Arbor Rowing Club
AAS All America Selection
AAS All America Selections
AASA Alberta Amateur Softball Association
AASDA Aikijujitsu Aikido Self Defense Academy
AASI American Association of Snowboard Instructors