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HLZ: Meaning Category
HLZ Hamilton International Airport [Hamilton, New Zealand] IATA Airport Code
HLZ Helicopter Landing Zone Military abbreviations

Abbreviations similar to hlz

  • HLOS - High Level Output Specification
  • HLS - hoc loco situs (Latin, "laid in this place")
  • HLG - Wheeling Ohio County Airport
  • HLC - Hill City Municipal Airport
  • HALCA - (telescope) Highly Advanced Laboratory for Communications and Astronomy, a satellite that is part of the VLBI Space Observatory Program, a Japanese radio astronomy project
  • HLCS - HoLoCarboxylase Synthetase
  • HLCA - Highland Lakes Condominium Association
  • HLCE - Houghton Lake Community Education
  • HLCU - Heterodyne Local Control Unit
  • HOLZ - Higher-Order Laue Zone