231 abbreviations
Abbreviation Meaning
A/V Arteriole–venue ratio
AC [fluid-filled space between the iris and the endothelium] Anterior chamber
AC/A [the portion of the range of convergence that occurs in response to accommodation] Accommodative convergence / Accommodation ratio
AC 0/4 [closed angle between cornea and iris] Grade 0 anterior chamber angle
AC 1/4 Grade 1 anterior chamber angle
AC 2/4 Grade 2 anterior chamber angle
AC 3/4 Grade 3 anterior chamber angle
AC 4/4 [open angle between cornea and iris] Grade 4 anterior chamber angle
Acc [process of changing optical power to maintain focus as distance changes] Accommodation
ACG/CAG Angle closure glaucoma
Ad Advised
A.d. As directed
Add Addition
AIT After-image transfer
ALT Alternating
ALT ET Alternating esotropia
ALT XT Alternating exotropia
ARC Anomalous retinal correspondence
ARMD Age-related macular degeneration
BC Base curve
bd/bid Twice a day
BDR Background diabetic retinopathy
BIO Binocular indirect ophthalmoscopy
BOZD Back optic zone diameter
BOZR Back optic zone radius
BRAO Branch retinal artery occlusion
BRVO Branch retinal vein occlusion
BSV Binocular single vision
BV Binocular vision
BVD Back vertex distance
BVP Back vertex power
C/D Cup–disc ratio
c/o or c.o. Complains of
c/u Check up
Cat Cataract
CD Centration distance
CF Count fingers vision – state distance
CLAPC/CLIPC Contact lens associated/induced papillary conjunctivitis
CLAPC/CLIPC Contact-lens-associated/induced papillary conjunctivitis
CLARE Contact lens associated red eye
CLARE Contact-lens-associated red eye
CLPU Contact lens associated peripheral ulcer
CLPU Contact-lens-associated peripheral ulcer
CRAO Central retinal artery occlusion
CRVO Central retinal vein occlusion
CSR Central serous retinopathy
CT Cover test
CVA Cerebrovascular accident
CW Close work
Δ Prism dioptre