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SSI: Meaning Category
SSI Supplemental Security Income healthcare
SSI Malcolm McKinnon Airport [Brunswick, Georgia, United States] IATA Airport Code
SSI (instrumentation) Solid-State Imager, an instrument on the Galileo spacecraft astronomy
SSI (organization) Space Studies Institute astronomy
SSI Server Side Includes computing
SSI Single-System Image computing
SSI Small-Scale Integration computing
SSI Small Scale Integration Electronics abbreviations
SSI Solid State Imaging Electronics abbreviations
SSI Secret Special Intelligence Military abbreviations
SSI Section For Searching And Intercepting Military abbreviations
SSI Single Shot Interchangeable Military abbreviations
SSI Soldier System Interface Military abbreviations
SSI Special Skill Identifier Military abbreviations
SSI Standing Signal Instruction Military abbreviations
SSI Spastics Society of India Non-Profit Organizations
SSI Single System Image software abbreviations and acronyms
SSI Scuba Schools International sports abbreviations
SSI Strategic Studies Institute University abbreviations

Abbreviations similar to ssi

  • SSO - Standard-Setting Organization
  • SXC - StarOffice Calc
  • SXI - StarOffice Impression
  • SXW - StarOffice Writer
  • SIU - Satellite interface unit
  • SUA - Special use airspace
  • SCH - Sole community hospital
  • SEIU - Service Employees International Union
  • SSA - Social security administration
  • SC - Subcutaneous
  • s - second(s)
  • S&W - Smith & Wesson
  • SAE - Society of Automotive Engineers
  • SAW - Squad Automatic Weapon
  • SSG - Single Shot Gun
  • SSK - Single Shot Kill
  • SSW - Squad Support Weapon
  • SOW - Special Operations Wing
  • Sq - Squadron